Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Rand McNally Introduces 3 NEW RV GPS Units

Rand McNally has presented award winning RV GPS units for many years - the latest model being the 7730/7735. The 7730/7735 are great units and have served many of you very well. Over the past several years, they added a tablet GPS model called the Tablet 80. This was intended to be an upgraded model to the 7730/7735 and included all of the great navigation of the 7730/7735 into an Android tablet. The Tablet 80 included a built in dash cam and all the functionality of a true Android tablet. As of August 2017, the 7730/7735 and the Tablet 80 are out, and a new line of products have just been introduced. TechnoRV has received several test units and is very pleased with the new units. TechnoRV has already made open box videos, and lots of instructional videos for all of the new units. These instructional videos are sent to you when you purchase your new unit from TechnoRV.com, and the instructions are not available if purchased elsewhere. This Learning Series is part of what makes TechnoRV a leader in customer service and support. TechnoRV’s first impressions are that Rand McNally has hit a home run with all 3 of the new models. And guess what!? The prices for the new models have been lowered so the new models are actually less expensive than last years models, and they are packed with more features. Check out the new Rand McNally units at TechnoRV.com.