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The weBoost 4G-X Cell Boosting Options: 4G-X, 4G-X OTR, and 4G-X RV Kit

The weBoost line of cellular boosters and TechnoRV are growing together to meet the specific needs of each customer group. These customer groups include home users, truckers, RVers, daily commuters, and many more.  The cellular booster that each of these groups may need varies based on how they want to mount the outside antenna and what type of power sources they have available, to name a few. This article will cover the 3 kits that use the 4G-X amplifier and are primarily used by RVers, truckers, boaters, and passenger vehicles.
The basics of a cell booster system are pretty simple. There is an outside antenna, a cable that runs from the outside antenna and connects to the amplifier/booster. Then, from the other side of the booster, a cable runs to the inside antenna. The outside antenna brings the weak signal in, the amplifier boosts the weak signal, and finally the inside antenna rebroadcasts the boosted signal within your home, truck, RV, or wherever you are using it. The inside…