Friday, February 17, 2017

Wireless Suction Mount Security Light for RVers

This new product is the solution to an RVers issue of needing light when and where we need it. This is a Gostik product and we love the suction mount light because it allows us to use it in multiple places and all with no wiring! Anywhere you have a smooth, non-porous surface, you can easily stick the light in that location. Most RVs have smooth exteriors and this is where this light literally shines the best. All you do is make sure the surface is clean and then use the suction cup plunger to suction it to the surface, and believe me, it is not coming down unless you manually break the suction.

The light comes with a remote control that includes on and off, motion sensing and a dimmer. The motion sensing is great because you can put the light next to your door at night and if anyone comes near your RV the light will come on. I like the unit because there is no installation or wiring to deal with. The Suction Mount LED Light operates off of three D-cell batteries that give you 40 hours of continuous use or 6 months to a year of normal use. This is one of those products that once you get it you wonder how you did without it for so long. Watch this video to see how the light works and how useful it can be for you.