Friday, February 17, 2017

What Makes the TST Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems the Best?

TST Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemWe received this question often at the Escapade as there were other vendors displaying the TireTraker and the Tire Minder TPMS at the Escapade. I know many newsletter recipients are on the edge of buying a system, so I hope this question will clear some things up for you. For starters, TST uses GE circuitry in their monitors (no cheap stuff), they have double insulated sensors for durability, and their customer support is as good as any company I have dealt with. So when you buy from us, you get our 5 star customer support, and you get TSTs customer support as well. TST was originally designed for the trucking industry so the TST platform can handle million mile trucks. We found the biggest reason our customers like the TST better than TireTraker and Tire Minder is the monitor scrolls through the monitored tires and gives you the PSI and temperature of the tires on the same screen without having to push any buttons. This is good because at a quick glance you can always see what is going on with your tires. The other systems do not scroll the information, and they only display one data point on the screen at a time, either PSI or temperature. If you want more data on the other tires, or you want the temperature of the tires, you have to reach up and hit buttons to scroll. Keep in mind, you are driving your RV while you are trying to hit the buttons! On the TST, you do not have to click buttons; it does it automatically. Also, we have made our own installation videos on YouTube, and customers like that too. These features, and our service is why we were a top seller of TPMS at the Escapade.