Friday, February 17, 2017

Rand McNally Dash Cams

Rand McNally Dash Cam 300 for RVs and TrucksWe have been road testing the Rand McNally Dash Cams for over a month and they have passed our inspection and are now for sale at TechnoRV. We have been waiting to be able to offer a high quality dash camera with a company that we have a solid relationship with and this is it. We are offering two models of the Rand McNally Dash Cams: the 100 and 300. They both offer a great deal of functionality, and the main difference in the two models is that the 300 model has GPS tracking to give you speed and location for your video.
One of the main things we like about these dash cams is that they are easy to use and come with great instructions right out of the box. In our tests we had no issues with performance; these dash cams worked flawlessly. As I have said before, there are a lot of poorly made dash cams on the market, and it was important to us to sift through the sea of offerings out there and be able to offer a well-made, high quality dash cam to you.
Why do you need a Dash Camera?
There are two main reasons you need a dash camera. First, with all of the places you travel, don’t you want to capture those moments on video? Sometimes the best moments are just around the next corner and before you know it they have come and gone. A good dash cam will capture all of those moments, and with the Rand McNally Dash Cam, transferring the video to your computer is very easy.
The second reason you need a dash camera is to have documentation in case an aggressive driver cuts you off or pulls in front of you and causes an accident. With the Rand McNally you can put your vehicle ID number on the recorded clip along with the date and time stamp. Your insurance company will love you for this. Also, with the Rand McNally dash cam you can set it in park mode, and if it senses a jolt of any kind then it will start recording. Now if you are in the Walmart parking lot for the night and someone hits you the camera will come on and catch the activity.
Dash Cam 100/300 Features: 
  • Screen Size – 1.5 inch (100 model) or 2 inch (300 model)
Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 and 300 for RVs and Trucks
  • Charger – Powered by a 12V adapter which has a USB port included
  • Storage – Comes with a 4GB (100 model) or 16GB (300 model) micro SD card; supports up to a 64GB micro SD card.
  • Automatic Recording - The dash cam will automatically turn on when the vehicle is turned on, but you also can program it to begin recording when the vehicle is turned on.
  • Motion Detection – Activates recording only when the vehicle is in motion
  • Parking Mode – Allows the dash cam to automatically record the moment an impact is detected, even when the vehicle is parked
  • Power On / Power Off Delay – Allows you to adjust how quickly the camera turns on or off after the ignition is turned on/off. Auto Power Offalso allows you to automatically turn the camera off after a specified amount of time.
  • GPS – GPS is an optional feature (300 only) that will stamp the vehicle speed, location, device number, vehicle ID number, date, and time
  • Date and Time stamp – All models allow date, time, and vehicle ID to be stamped on videos
  • Wide Dynamic Range – Allows the dash cam to produce the best video quality when the scene includes a variety of lighting; there are also additional settings for contrast, exposure, sharpness, and white balance, if needed.
  • Quality and Resolution – Allows you to record in SDHR 2304x1296 (300 model only), HDR 1920x1080 or 1280x70. Quality can be changed as well; both quality and resolution will determine how many videos you can record before the camera begins to loop and overwrite videos (if selected).
  • Still Pictures – Allows you to manually capture photos using the dash cam
  • G Sensor – Allows the dash cam to detect impact and start recording video in protected mode where the file can’t be overwritten; the sensitivity of the sensor can be changed from 1-7
  • Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warnings – (available on the 300 only) Notifies you when your vehicle is too close to the vehicle in front of you or when your vehicle gets too close to the dividing lines.
  • Loop Recording – When activated, records in a continual loop when space runs out, unless the video has been marked as protected. In the event of an accident, the previous clip, current clip (accident), and all subsequent video is protected and will not be overwritten.
  • Segmented Recordings – While recording, video can segmented into 1 or 5 minute clips or video can remain in one large clip
  • Night vision LED – Activates the extra LED light to automatically come on at night for extra illumination
  • Mic – Records sound while recording video
  • Video Rotation – When mounted on the dash, rotates display screen upright
  • User-friendly Operation - Simple menu with only 6 function buttons (power, menu, forward, back, record video, and capture photo/delete)

Rand McNally Dash Cam 100 for RVers

We are very confident in this line of dash cams. They are on sale now at To see a sample of the recording in SD, you can view the video below. 

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