Friday, February 17, 2017

Comparing Routes with the Rand McNally RV GPS

Is there a way to see the selected route on the Rand McNally GPS map before routing begins?

I was able to help many people with their Rand McNally GPS units at Escapade, and even did a seminar on the features as well. Through this, I received many questions about the systems; many of which are answered in my Rand McNally videos, but some were not. A common question I received was, “Is there a way to see my route on the map before I select it?” The answer to this is yes. When you enter a destination in the Rand McNally (and there are MANY ways to do this), you have 2 options: “Begin New Route” and “Compare Routes.” In order to see the route on the map before the GPS begins routing you, you must select “Compare Routes.”
Rand McNally 7730 Screen
This will allow you to see 2 routes (indicated by a green and blue line), and you will be able to select the one you would like to take. If one route includes tolls, it will give you an estimate of the toll costs. If you simply select “Begin New Route,” it will calculate the route and begin with your directions without ever showing you the route. You could of course zoom out and see it, but it will not show you prior to beginning.
Rand McNally 7730 Screen