Friday, February 17, 2017

Alfa Desktop WiFi Booster

The Desktop Booster is one of my favorite Wi-Fi boosting products because of its ease of use. When using this for a single device, it packs some serious results. This unit is good for only Windows operating system computers, and there must be a USB port available. So if you have a laptop that runs Window operating system, then this will work great for you. I personally use this device with my laptop, almost daily.
So what does this device do?
Remember, Wi-Fi is a two way street; you have to have the strength to send your request to the access point, and you also have to have the ability to hear the signal come back to you.

The Desktop Booster accomplishes both of these communications flawlessly with its 2 watt transmitter (sending the signal), and its 5 Db antenna (hearing the signal come back). Compare this to the standard WiFi adaptor in your devices such as laptop, smart phones and tablets. Your internal adaptor in your devices usually have a measly 0.02 watt transmitter and 1 DB gain internal antenna. The TechnoRV WiFi Booster can be as much as 10-15 times more powerful than the internal Wi-Fi adaptor in your laptop. It is not magic, it is all in the numbers. Add more power on the transmit side, and more gain on the receive side, and you will be able to connect to those camp ground access points with ease. Our customers tell us that this unit is easy to use, convenient, and once you use it, you will go nowhere without it.
Is It Easy To Set Up?
This unit will basically replace your internal Wi-Fi adaptor, and the idea here is simple, just plug the Wi-Fi Booster into a USB port, install the provided driver (easy to do), and then tell the computer to use this device instead of your internal adaptor. TechnoRV provides a complete Learning Series with this unit explaining how to set this up. Our Learning Series gives you step by step instructions on how to get this unit up and running, and of course, if you ever need further help, then just call us or email us.
Another important element of setting the booster up is making sure the Desktop Booster is in a window, or near a window, facing the direction of the access point (line of sight is a key component to successful WiFi). The unit comes with a cradle mount that the Booster slips into, and then it can be suction cupped to a window. It has about a 5 foot USB cable, so you can sit in your favorite chair and still have cable to get it to the window.
TechnoRV and the Desktop WiFi Booster
Here I am working in the RV, and as you can see the Desktop Booster is plugged into my USB port on my computer and my Booster is nicely placed at the window (I’m not using the window mount here, but that would even be better).

This desktop booster is the most convenient WiFi booster available. There are no cables to run outside and the set-up is super easy. Check out all of our WiFi products and choose the one that is best for you, including our outside antenna: the Booster Tube.
Is There a Way to Connect Multiple Devices to the Desktop Booster?
If you would like to pair this unit with our USB Repeater, then you can do that. When using a Repeater you will be splitting the signal, so the through put will be diminished a bit, but more people than not do use the Repeater. The way this would work is that instead of plugging the Desktop Booster into your laptop, you would plug it into the Repeater, and then the Repeater would create its own hotspot. Now multiple devices can connect wirelessly to the boosted signal. Here is what this set up would look like:

In closing, I would like to answer the question of, “Do these Boosters work?” The short answer is “YES,” but I leave you with a link to our customer reviews and this will answer it much better than I can:
Booster Reviews
The WiFi Boosters at TechnoRV solve the connection problems that you experience while connecting to the RV parks WiFi. While the RV park is still responsible for providing an appropriate amount of bandwidth for its users, staying connected to park couldn’t be easier.