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Boosting Your RV's Wi-Fi: A Guide to Staying Connected on the Road

Staying connected to the internet can be a bit of a challenge when you travel in an RV. It has become a lot easier with better cell phone connectivity, but our need for data seems to grow exponentially, whereas as our budget to pay for expensive data plans doesn't! Connecting to your RV park's Wi-Fi is a good way to help reduce the data load on your cell phone / MiFi card plan, but connecting to that signal can be a real issue. If you get connection drop outs, "cannot connect," "connection timeout," or password issues, then a poor signal strength is most likely the culprit. If that is the case, then boosting that Wi-Fi signal with a Wi-Fi booster is a good solution. However, it is not magic. Keep in mind, the RV park is still responsible for appropriating the correct amount of bandwidth to the users. If the RV park has enough bandwidth for 50 RVs and there are 100 RVs in the park, then that will be a problem no matter what you do. It is a two-way street and…

Alfa Desktop WiFi Booster

The Desktop Booster is one of my favorite Wi-Fi boosting products because of its ease of use. When using this for a single device, it packs some serious results. This unit is good for only Windows operating system computers, and there must be a USB port available. So if you have a laptop that runs Window operating system, then this will work great for you. I personally use this device with my laptop, almost daily.
So what does this device do? Remember, Wi-Fi is a two way street; you have to have the strength to send your request to the access point, and you also have to have the ability to hear the signal come back to you.

The Desktop Booster accomplishes both of these communications flawlessly with its 2 watt transmitter (sending the signal), and its 5 Db antenna (hearing the signal come back). Compare this to the standard WiFi adaptor in your devices such as laptop, smart phones and tablets. Your internal adaptor in your devices usually have a measly 0.02 watt transmitter and 1 DB gain…

How Can I Get a Better WiFi Signal in my RV?

The topic of “good” Wi-Fi can be a frustrating topic for RVers and the RV Park owners. Why Can’t RV Park Wi-Fi be better? The number one rated amenity in RV parks now is Wi-Fi. Even though RVing can be seen as a way to get away from normal life, we just can’t seem to totally disconnect from being connected. A lot of what we do is wrapped up in our ability to connect to internet for things like banking, social media, shopping, searching for things to do, and much more. The RV parks get the message loud and clear, and many of them are doing their part to provide us with good Wi-Fi. You might be thinking, where are these RV parks with good Wi-Fi? Well, they are all over the place, and the problem with having a good Wi-Fi experience might just be your problem, and not the RV parks Wi-Fi system. How dare I say that! Let’s look at the Wi-Fi equation and see what I am talking about. The RV Park is responsible for providing enough bandwidth for its patrons. If the park appropriates correctly, …

What is the Range of the Alfa WiFi Boosters?

So the question here is how far can our Wi-Fi boosters pick up a signal from an access point. This is a bit of a loaded question because there are so many variables that can affect this. The short answer is one mile, but I would not expect this routinely as this would be under perfect conditions. Remember, a foggy morning can affect Wi-Fi distance. Wi-Fi is a line of sight signal so if you have trees, other RVs, or really any obstructions, this will diminish the signal. Make sure that when you are connecting to the RVparks access point that you have the best line of site possible. You would be amazed at the difference it can make by just moving from one side of your RV to the other side next to a window in the direction of the access point. If you are considering a Wi-Fi booster then you should understand that you will have varying experiences depending on the park you are connecting to. Overall, our customers tell us that with our Wi-Fi boosters they are now able to connect and surf …

The Tiffin Maiden Voyage ~ Why We Need 2-Way Radios

When we returned to Mobile from buying our brand new 41 foot Tiffin Phaeton from Lazy Days in Tampa, we only had a couple of weeks to get used to it before we took off for Tennessee. Our first real trip led us to the Tannehill Ironworks Historical Park. Now bear in mind, it's my job to book our RV parks, and I love the more remote parks as opposed to the "resort" type, but it is always an interesting moment when we actually pull in to a park and see just where we will be staying. Not every park is set up for a 41 foot RV - especially ones with new drivers. This day was no exception. The park was beautiful when we pulled in! There were several historical buildings on the path and many trees and rivers, which I love. However, the stay quickly became sketchy when we were directed to our spot. We followed the directions given to us, but it led us to a wooden bridge which we felt couldn't possibly be safe considering we weigh close to 18 tons. We crossed our fingers and fl…

Spring Cleaning Your RV: Wash Wax All and Norwex

Wash Wax All At most of the RV rallies we go to we see the Wash Wax All vendors, and I have always wondered if this stuff works. Apparently the draw is to be able to wash your RV without water, which is attractive since some parks frown at you washing the RV in your site. Over the past year we have become friends with Gary and Linda of G&L Services, and I naturally asked him about the Wash Wax All product that he sells. I ended up buying a kit from him that included everything I needed to get going. Once I used it for the first time, I was addicted to this stuff.

Now let me say, just because you have a fancy wash pole and pads does not mean that it is not hard work. I have used the product several times and each time have gotten a good work out when applying the product. The product is great, and it is easy to use, but be prepared to use some muscle when applying. You simply spray the product on the RV and then use the double sided pads on the wash pole to wipe it on, and then dry i…

Propane Station Hazards

Have you ever been to a propane station and seen this:

Well that is there for a reason, and it is all a result of an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standard called Hazard Communication. The short version of the Hazard Communication OSHA standard is that any company engaging in the manufacture of any type chemical is required to provide detailed information of the possible dangers to the end user, and to employees working with the chemical. The standard requires that the company producing the chemical have a program in place that includes a written safety program, safety data information for each product, proper labeling, and training. Now, since we do not work at the facility that provides propane, we are not required to know all of this stuff, but it is good to at least know how to read the placards we see at propane stations, and on tankers driving down the road. Once you know how to read this placard then when you see these placards on big trucks you will immedi…

Rand McNally Dash Cams

We have been road testing the Rand McNally Dash Cams for over a month and they have passed our inspection and are now for sale at TechnoRV. We have been waiting to be able to offer a high quality dash camera with a company that we have a solid relationship with and this is it. We are offering two models of the Rand McNally Dash Cams: the 100 and 300. They both offer a great deal of functionality, and the main difference in the two models is that the 300 model has GPS tracking to give you speed and location for your video. One of the main things we like about these dash cams is that they are easy to use and come with great instructions right out of the box. In our tests we had no issues with performance; these dash cams worked flawlessly. As I have said before, there are a lot of poorly made dash cams on the market, and it was important to us to sift through the sea of offerings out there and be able to offer a well-made, high quality dash cam to you. Why do you need a Dash Camera? There …