Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to Install the Different Types of RV LED Lights

Plug and Play
Almost all of TechnoRV's LED lights are what we call plug-and-play. By that we mean that to install them, you simply take out the old bulb and replace it with the new LED bulb. This even applies to our replacement fluorescent tubes which don't need the ballast bypassing (more on this later).

The only bulb that you have to watch out for is the 921-CW/WW (stick style) bulbs. They are polarity dependent which means that they only work one way around in the light fitting. Unfortunately the 921 wedge style fitting is a bit useless in that it allows you to insert the bulb in either orientation. The good news is that you can't damage it that way. If it doesn't work, just take it out and swap it around. 
Sometimes the wires on the bottom of the bulb can get moved during transit. If your bulb still won't work, look at the end to see if they are in the right place. Also, I know it sounds a little tacky, but you can also try wiggling it a little in the fitting. Sometimes that will do it.

Halogen Installation
To install your halogen LED replacements, first of all you'll have to remove the cover to the fixture. Sometimes they can be a little stiff which can make it more of a challenge. The two main types of fitting have either a plastic or metal ring around the outside, or are all glass (sometimes frosted). Both types are removed by turning the ring or glass a quarter turn to the left.   

Once you've removed the cover, simply pull out the halogen bulb and insert the LED. It's a little tricky getting the prongs in the holes; sometimes you have to wiggle the LED bulb from side to side a little and then you will feel it slide into place. Don't worry about touching the surface of the LED diodes, you won't damage them. TechnoRV has an 
installation video if you'd like to watch that first. 

In some infrequent cases, the halogen fixtures have the holes at the back of the fitting rather than at the side (back facing as opposed to side facing). If you find that you have this variety, don't worry. The pins in the Eco-LED halogen replacement bulbs are designed to be bent. Using some pliers, just gently bend them back and trim them with scissors if they are too long. Alternatively we can exchange the bulbs for the back facing variety. 

If you have dimmers on your halogen bulbs you will need to make sure that you have the right bulb (the regular halogen replacement LED bulbs will dim, but flicker on most dimmers). Unfortunately there are different types of dimmers installed in RV's. The two most common are the variable type which allow a smooth dimming, and the two stage (high / low) dimmers. 

If you have the variable type you'll need the 
GG4-PWM style which have special circuity to provide a smooth dimming while minimizing radio and TV interference (common on the cheaper varieties). The two stage dimmers are common on Newmar's and Alpines, utilize a 6v / 12v switch and require the GG4-ANA bulbs. 

If you find that you've purchased the wrong type, not a problem, just keep the packaging, let us know and we'll work with you to upgrade to the dimmable bulbs. 


Although most LED bulbs are brighter than their incandescent counter-parts, sometimes when you're doing an installation you find that you'd like even more light. Perhaps the light is over a reading chair, or a diner table or food preparation area. For that reason we have a range of what we call our Super-Brights. They offer 3x the light output of our regular LED bulbs and are available in the halogen (G4), Wedge (921) and Bayonet (BA15) base. If you think that you'd like some of these, let us know and we'll help find you the right bulb.

TechnoRV also sells LED fluorescent tubes, and we will be writing a post on how to install those soon.  You can visit us at to see our entire line of RV LED lights.