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Bypassing the Ballast and LED Fluorescent Tubes

RV fluorescent tubes come in two standard sizes, 18" and 12". The TechnoRV 18" tubeshave two rows of LED's whereas the12" tubeshave a single row. Installing your LED tubes is a very simple process. First, remove the fixture's plastic cover. This is usually done by pushing on one of the sides until it pops clear of the side of the fixture. Next, remove the fluorescent tubes by gently pulling on them.
The TechnoRV LED tubes are not polarity dependent so you can install them in either orientation. But first you will need to pull off the little plastic covers that are on the pins at each end. Next, push the tubes into the fixture exactly as the previous tubes were installed. Most fixtures have horizontal slots meaning you simply push the tubes up into the fixture. Some have side facing slots meaning that you have to push the LED tube in and then move it to the side to install it in the slots. If you try this you will notice that the LED's would then be facin…

What is That Smell Coming From my RV Sink?

When I decided to become a fulltime RVer over a year ago, I knew there were things that I was going to have to get used to that I had never had to deal with while living in a house.  Washing dishes to me used to mean loading and unloading them - never actually washing them; the toilets I was used to didn't require me to use my foot to flush them; and I was use to being able to actually walk into my closet instead of barely being able to get my clothes into it.  

I've adjusted to everything and then some, and I absolutely love the RV life, but time and time again, there was one thing about it that I just could not get used to...the odors coming from my sink when I turned my water on!  When you live in such a small place, any smell is pretty serious, and we kept having odors coming from the sink for no reason at all.  We would turn the water on to wash dishes or just to fill Lincoln's water bowl and a horrid smell would come up from the drain that was disgusting.  No woman wa…

How to Install the Different Types of RV LED Lights

Plug and Play Almost all of TechnoRV's LED lights are what we call plug-and-play. By that we mean that to install them, you simply take out the old bulb and replace it with the new LED bulb. This even applies to our replacement fluorescent tubes which don't need the ballast bypassing (more on this later).
Polarity The only bulb that you have to watch out for is the921-CW/WW(stick style) bulbs. They arepolarity dependent which means that they only work one way around in the light fitting. Unfortunately the 921 wedge style fitting is a bit useless in that it allows you to insert the bulb in either orientation. The good news is that you can't damage it that way. If it doesn't work, just take it out and swap it around.
Sometimes the wires on the bottom of the bulb can get moved during transit. If your bulb still won't work, look at the end to see if they are in the right place. Also, I know it sounds a little tacky, but you can also try wiggling it a little in the fitting…

TST Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems FAQ

TechnoRV sells the TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and we have received a lot of questions about different aspects of this system. TST systems are the best tire pressure monitoring systems available on the market. This system has won multiple awards and since it was originally designed for the demands of the trucking industry, the RV version is tough, durable, and completely accurate. Here are some frequently asked questions to assist you as you determine what system is right for you, or if you already own a system this may help as well.
How does the TST system work? In short, high quality sensors are screwed onto your wheel’s valve stem, and the sensors then transmit psi and temperature data to a monitor that sits in your RV or vehicle so that you will be notified should there be any issues with your tires relating to psi and temperature.  The monitor continuously scrolls the psi and temperature of each tire so that at a quick glance you can stay up to date on your tires data. The…

Don't Forget About Preventative Maintenance for Your RV

I recently performed some preventative maintenance on my RV and thought I would just briefly share this with you in case you need a reminder to do the same. Performing preventative maintenance on your RV can certainly get away from you if you don’t make a list and stick to it. As you know, driving down the road with your house can cause some issue, and routinely checking your RV systems can save you a headache down the road. 
TechnoRV is going to be offering maintenance products soon like lubricants, sealants, battery cleaners and protectors, tank maintenance solutions, and much more.  As I perform maintenance on my RV, I try different products to see which works best in my opinion, and these will be the ones I eventually share with you for your RV. Here are some items I took care of recently:
1)I cleaned and conditioned my RV roof. I was testing several products here, and there were clear differences in performance. As soon as I reach a conclusion on recommendations I will write an upd…

Changes in the Alabama Gulf State Park Reservation System

If you are planning a trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast soon, you should know about the changes they have made in their reservation system.  Both the Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores and Meaher State Park in Spanish Fort have both transitioned to site-specific reservations as of October 2015 and it is being met with mixed reviews.

We are currently staying at Meaher State Park, as we did last year this time.  The view of the water, large lots, great fishing opportunities on the Mobile Delta and Mobile Bay, plus tons of wonderful nearby restaurants keep us coming back every year.  When we asked for a reservation when we arrived the week before November, we were given the number of a site in the back just off the water.  Since we were traveling back from a long trip late on a Friday night, we really weren't thinking much about it since we had stayed before and knew we could actually select any available spot when we arrived regardless of what spot they gave us.  Last year, we stayed here f…

Taking Care of Your RV's Tires (Part 2)

In a previous post, I discussed how to determine the proper tire inflation for your tires and the importance of getting your RV weighed. In part two of that post, we will discuss properly inspecting your tires and what gross vehicle weight rating is.

Inspecting your RV’s Tires
RVers should do a visual inspection of your tires before each trip. You should also plan on a recurring schedule of inspection, rotating, balancing and alignment service from a professional. An inspection from the RV owner should involve visually looking for nails, cuts, bulges, cracks and weathering, and if you have duals, look for objects that may have become lodged in between the tires. The part that is not fun here is that you need to make sure you visually check out the inside sidewall and not just the part of the tire you can see by standing next to the tire. This may require you to get a little dirty to see the other side of the tire.  There are many conditions that you should look out for on the tread as w…