Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Looking for a GPS? Check out the NEW Rand McNally RV Tablet 80!

Rand McNally RV Tablet 80

Finally!  The new Rand McNally RV Tablet is out.  They have had a trucker version of the tablet for a while now, but they now have one made specifically for RVers.  If you are familiar with the Rand McNally 7730, you will know how the RV GPS portion of this tablet operates, but there is so much more on it than just that.   In addition to boasting a new 8 inch screen, it has a built in 5MP rear-facing camera that acts as a dash cam when driving, and 16 GB of onboard storage.  If you want to add more, it has a micro SD slot.  It has a mini HDMI, micro USB, and audio out on the tablet itself and a micro USB and video in on the mount.  It runs the Android operating system on the tablet side, and has many pre-loaded apps already on it.

We used the dash cam on our last trip, and it had a really nice quality.  It has an optional audio recording which was interesting since it captured all of our conversation in the truck.  I have to say it was a little entertaining to go back and actually hear what conversations pop up on the road after several hours of traveling!  The recording also continues in the background regardless of what other programs you are using on the tablet.   It has two resolution settings: high quality (1280x720 - 5MB/min) and low quality (640x480 - 4 MB/min).

It has a TripMaker app installed where we programmed our trip on the tablet itself using Wi-Fi then hit one button to export it to the RV GPS portion of the tablet without ever having to use a computer. Once we were using the navigation portion of the tablet, it (like other Rand GPS devices) didn’t require Wi-Fi.

There are so many other things you can use the tablet for.  While I was connected to Wi-Fi, I checked my email, browsed the web, and did some online shopping – all on the RV Tablet 80.  The Rand McNally Road Atlas is pre-loaded on the tablet and can be accessed without Wi-Fi as well.    While I was using all of the other features of the Rand McNally RV Tablet, the GPS was still navigating our trip and the dash camera was still running in the background.  When I was finished “playing,” I just popped the tablet back on the magnetic mount and returned the screen to the standard GPS navigation screen. 

When we arrived at our destination, I took it back off the magnetic mount, grabbed the charger, and took it with me to use as a tablet until we had somewhere else to go.  It has the Amazon store app ready and waiting for you to download games, movies and anything else while using Wi-Fi.

I am loving the convenience of having a GPS, dash camera, and tablet all-in-one.  When you are on the road, it’s nice to have multi-purpose items.  Less cords, less charging, and less to learn! Check it out today - http://www.technorv.com/product_p/rnd-rvtablet.htm