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Looking for a GPS? Check out the NEW Rand McNally RV Tablet 80!

Finally!  The new Rand McNally RV Tablet is out.  They have had a trucker version of the tablet for a while now, but they now have one made specifically for RVers.  If you are familiar with the Rand McNally 7730, you will know how the RV GPS portion of this tablet operates, but there is so much more on it than just that.   In addition to boasting a new 8 inch screen, it has a built in 5MP rear-facing camera that acts as a dash cam when driving, and 16 GB of onboard storage.  If you want to add more, it has a micro SD slot.  It has a mini HDMI, micro USB, and audio out on the tablet itself and a micro USB and video in on the mount.  It runs the Android operating system on the tablet side, and has many pre-loaded apps already on it.
We used the dash cam on our last trip, and it had a really nice quality.  It has an optional audio recording which was interesting since it captured all of our conversation in the truck.  I have to say it was a little entertaining to go back and actually hear…

Taking Care of your RV’s Tires (Part 1)

I am sure most of you have read multiple articles about how important your RV’s tires are. I have read countless articles about this topic myself, and what I have found is that as time goes by, even I still need an occasional kick in the butt to remind me to follow the procedures that I proactively advocate. So learn what you can from this article, and ask yourself this, do you consistently do the things you need to do to ensure that your tires are in tip-top shape?
Let’s face it, RV tires take more abuse than your standard car tires. Often they are running at maximum load, we drive on them for long distances on hot highways, and they can often sit for months at a time without moving. If tires could talk they would be asking you what in the heck you are doing to them and what did they do to you to deserve such abuse. So let’s all agree to pamper our tires and make sure that we have the safest ride possible.
RV Tire Guidelines
There are some simple guidelines that we all need to follow. T…