Friday, July 3, 2015

Should I Download the New Windows 10?

            If you’ve been using a Windows 7 or 8 PC lately, you may have noticed a new icon on the taskbar in the bottom-right. Microsoft is releasing the new Windows 10, and you can go ahead and sign-up for a free download when it releases! Just click the Windows logo on the taskbar and follow the simple instructions, and Windows 10 will download to your device once it’s released on July 29th. You can then install it whenever it is convenient for you.

            Only industry insiders have seen Windows 10, but Microsoft promises that it will be familiar and easy-to-use, and that it will be compatible with all current hardware and software. Even documents and files will be preserved in the upgrade. Once it’s here, we’ll be sure to let you know how it is, and whether or not it’s worth upgrading. There’s no harm in going ahead and signing up though - the free download is a limited time offer!