Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WiFi Booster Tube Installation

We received a great letter from a customer the other day showing us his WiFi Booster Tube installation and just wanted to share.  Thanks for sharing, Mark!  We appreciate your business.

Attached is a picture of my WiFi Booster Tube installation.  I mounted it on a 8ft fiberglass/aluminium pole that extends out to 16ft and locks every 6in. The pole was purchased from Home Depot. It is clamped to the ladder using SS electrical stand-off conduit clamps.

For now I have the Repeater mounted on the rear wall of the linen closet above where the Washer/Dryer was before we removed it. It gives me excellent reception with the height of the pole. I have the female end of the USB extension cable tucked inside the unused dryer vent and also put the connected cables into this vent to protect against weather.  

My final setup will be to find and install a weatherproof bulkhead USB connector in the side of the coach for a permanent setup.

Mark Anderson