Thursday, June 11, 2015

How do I use the Weather and Gas Price Features on a Rand McNally?

In order to utilize the functions of the weather and gas price features of the Rand McNally 7730 GPS**, you must be connected to WiFi; therefore, you must have a WiFi connection available in your RV or vehicle.  This could be achieved through a MiFi card or by turning your cell phone into a mobile hotspot. 

Once you have selected which WiFi you will be using, go to Preferences on your Rand McNally. In the bottom right you'll see the WiFi button (or tap on the WiFi icon in the bottom right of the map). Press Enable WiFi (if it's not enabled already) and the system will look for the available WiFi signals.

Select the name of the WiFi signal you will be using and then enter the password (MiFi passwords can be found on the back of the MiFi card and cell phone hotspot passwords can be found on your phone). Remember that passwords are case sensitive. 

Be aware that you may need to Enable WiFi each time you turn on the unit. You can tell that you are connected because there is a little blue antenna on the left of the WiFi name that you are connected to.   

To check your connection, go to the Main Menu then Go to Map and click on the weather circle on the bottom right just above the heading indicator. If you're connected, it will bring up the weather and allow you to select various options (see the weather overlay below).

If you're having trouble with your WiFi you can always watch the Rand McNally WiFi YouTube video.   

While you are using WiFi, you will have access to the latest weather updates along with the fuel prices along your route.  These options are only available while connected to WiFi.  

For more information on how to use the Rand McNally 7730, get our informative Learning Series

**The Rand McNally Tripmaker 7730 is the

same GPS as the Camping World 7735 unit.