Sunday, June 14, 2015

Can I Boost My WiFi Signal from my Jeep's UConnect System?

We recently had a support call come in about the WiFi feature that comes on 2015 Jeep Wranglers. The newer Jeeps come with a WiFi hotspot through its Uconnect system, and this customer was on the Sprint network. The question he was asking was if the WiFi boosters we sell could assist in boosting the signal of the WiFi from the Jeep, and could this booster be plugged directly into the USB port of the Jeep to accomplish this. 

This was a clever thought, however our WiFi boosters are receivers, not broadcasters and therefore would be unable to take the signal from his Jeep and make it stronger. What we were able to do was suggest that he use a booster inside of his RV to assist him in pulling the signal from his Jeep that would be parked just outside. Then he could use our Repeater to take the boosted signal and create another hotspot within his RV. 

Our WiFi boosters increase the distance that a normal computer WiFi receiver could receive by 2-3 times the distance. This is a very powerful accomplishment. Truth is the WiFi receivers inside of a computer is weak because it is designed to pull a signal from the same room, and not 50 yards away. For this reason many RVers have a difficult time pulling signal from the Campgrounds "Free" WiFi signal. By adding a booster you can pull that signal into your RV much easier and it becomes more reliable. 

If you would like more information about WiFi Boosters, you can download a "Guide to Boosting your WiFi."