Thursday, December 11, 2014

High Speed Internet Parks

This is a list of RV Parks with high speed or at least good and reliable WiFi. It is compiled by TechnoRV based on information from our customers and readers. If you know of a good RV park that you'd like to nominate, please comment at the bottom of the post.

Clear Creek RV Park (Golden, CO) - Chris and Jim Guld (Geeks on Tour)

It's run by the city and gets it's internet from the city offices that are about one block away. Any problems and the IT guy walks over and fixes it. Also, there are less than 30 sites, so it is easily covered and not overburdened.

USI RV Park (Wichita, KS) - Carl Wenger

Pioneer Acadian Village (Breaux Bridge, LA) - Carl Wenger

Trails End RV Resort (Weslaco, TX) - Clayton Zimmerman

Just installed a new Wi Fi system last year through Cobb Communications. They have 12 towers with 4 antennas per tower antenna facing in one of 4 directions. Last year we had no connection problems. We don't go down until after Christmas but we anticipate no problems. Also Wi Fi is Free! Cobb indicated that if there were users that were data hogs they would have to pay an extra charge but have not indicated how much.