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iPhone vs Android - Which is Best?

This is the fun part. I’d love to say that after my two years pain and tribulations with my Droid that the iPhone is the hands down winner. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. There are things about my Droid that I really do like. For example, I absolutely love Swype which makes text messaging super-easy. Instead of having to tap out each character you drag your finger between the letters and it creates the words. It’s hard to describe, but if you like to text you’ll love it. I can Swype as fast on my phone as I can type on my keyboard!
Next, I love the tight Google integration. Although I like Apple’s ease of use, I find the closed environment challenging at times. For example, I can easily check my calendar or look up a contact from any browser whereas with Apple I have to login to iCloud. 
On the other hand, it always seems as if I’m fighting it ... I bit like when I had to use a Windows PC when I worked for HP. I pick it up to make a call and it kind of says “sorry, it’s not conveni…

Google My Maps

Back in Feb, 2013 (yes, an eternity in internet time), I did a piece on Google Maps as a great app for planning and sharing trips. Google Maps has advanced considerably since then, with the latest addition being an App called My Maps. It is basically a cut-down version of the full Google Maps but in my opinion is great for quickly accessing or adding locations to an existing map.

By way of example, here's a map that I created for my particular obsession, I mean hobby. Touring breweries of the US:
Once created you can create a route between stops on the desktop version and get turn-by-turn directions, total distance etc. You can even add information for each stop, such as in my case, beers I've tasted from each brewery. There are some limitations such as not being able to upload photos for each stop, but knowing Google, I'm sure they're working on it.

If you'd like more information, you can check out Chris (Geeks on Tour) recent post.