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Creating PDF Documents

PDF's are a form of document that makes sharing very easy. Many people send files in DOC format, but not everyone has (or wants to have) Microsoft Word. Moreover, the format of your document can change when it is opened on someone else's computer depending upon their fonts, print settings etc. On the other hand, a PDF is like a scan or photo of a document, it looks the same on every machine or device, is very efficient, and generally allows you to cut and paste the text.

PDF's are usually viewed using a free program called Adobe Reader, although it is an open standard format and read by many programs. However, not all programs allow you to save a document as a PDF.

On a Mac, you can just use Preview to "Save as" or when you Print, select PDF. But if you're unlucky enough to use a PC then your options are more limited.

One of my favorite little programs that I've used for years is called CutePDF. Once you've installed it, it creates a Print Queue call…

Latest isn't Always the Greatest - Ion Air Copy

We love our Portable Document Scanner (called the Docuscan) and our customers seem to love it too. It scans onto its own SD memory card and so is completely self contained. Every now and again you put the card in your laptop and copy over your scans.

But, what happens if you don't have a laptop like many of our customers who are beginning to travel just with their tablets. How can you scan your photos or documents (other than using something like Genius Scan which we reviewed earlier)?

That's where Ion's new, "better" Air Copy scanner comes in. On paper, the Air Copy looks like a big step-up from its predecessor, the Docuscan. It has a rechargeable battery (something the Docuscan was sadly missing), but best of all, it's able to scan wirelessly over WiFi bringing an affordable portable scanner to Tablet's and Smartphones.

Before we agree to sell anything at TechnoRV, we always go through our testing process, and the Air Copy was to be no exception. When …

Great use of Technology

Nobody actually likes doing laundry, especially me, that is until now. In fact, I actually thought my laundry basket was broken last year. I would put my clothes in it, but they stopped re-appearing in my closet, all clean and folded. I eventually traced the fault to a missing component in the system ... Tracey was in the UK!

So back to enjoying doing the laundry. A couple of weeks ago Tracey and I were staying for a night at Lazydays. Now I'm not a big fan of Lazydays (cramped and small sites, weird raised dumps right at the back of the lot and expensive), But, they have a very, very cool laundry.

Here's how it works. The laundry actually has its own website. From there you can actually see how busy the laundry is and even which washers and dryers are free and how long the ones in use have left on their cycle. The photo above is the view from your computer. You can access the website from your smartphone and you get a simplified view.

Impressed? Well, it gets better. After we…