Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gadget of the Week - LED Emergency Triangles

We've been RV'ing for almost 7 years now, but one of the things that I've never thought about is something that could potentially avert disaster, and that's a roadside emergency triangle.

Breaking down is one thing, but breaking down at night in an RV is a whole different matter, and thankfully something I've never had to experience. Normally I try and avoid driving the RV at night, but sometimes it can't be avoided.

As soon as I saw this product it occurred to me just what a huge difference it could make to RV safety. In fact, this is probably the reason why ALL commercial vehicles are required by law to carry 3 emergency triangles (US DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association Regulation 393.95) and the California DMV Recreation Vehicles and Trailers Handbook recommends that all RV's carry emergency triangles.

What makes these Emergency Triangles different is that they have 21 high-visibility LED's which can be either steady or flashing. These LED's extend the visibility of your triangle to more than 2/3 of a mile and are even more effective in bad weather. All the LED triangles can be operated either off 4x AA batteries or via a 19' long 12v power cord.

The DOT recommends three triangles and we carry a set of 3 LED Triangles in a carrying case on our website for $89.95. If budget is tight, then we also carry a single LED Triangle for $34.95. While we're on the subject of safety, you might want to think about a high-viz jacket. I didn't realize it, but in planning to take Ally over to France when she visits us for Christmas, I discovered that since 1st July, 2008, it's law in France that all motorists must carry an emergency triangle and a high-viz jacket in their vehicle.

If you were wondering what to ask Santa for at Christmas, maybe this is just the ticket.