Friday, November 22, 2013

App of the Week - TripIt

Keeping track of your travel plans can be a bit of a challenge. While I was at HP I used to travel to Europe at least twice a week and it was always hard having all the right flight, hotel and car rental information with me and to hand, especially as I'm not a paper person. I wish I'd had this app back in those days!

The way Tripit works is that it keeps all your trip information in one place (in the Cloud) and also maintains a copy of your phone so it's there, even if you don't have an internet connection. Nothing special so far. BUT, what makes it so very cool is that you very rarely have to manually type in any of your travel itinerary. All you do is forward your travel or booking confirmation email to Tripit and they post it to your upcoming trip. Plus they'll upload other useful information such as a map of how to find the hotel. How cool is that?

Let me show you an example. My daughter Ally (our Office Manager) is coming over to see us in the UK for Christmas. She recently turned 18 so we're taking her on short 3-day trip to Europe as her birthday present. Normally a trip like this would be private, but here's a link to our travel itinerary so you can get a feel for what TripIt can do (now I've shared this there's no escaping you all right!).

So to summarize, if you have an upcoming trip involving flights, car rental etc, create an account at Tripit and then send your confirmations to and away you go. Oh, and don't forget to download the TripIt app for your trusty smartphone. Bon Voyage!