Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Use your phone as a scanner with Genius Scan

I must confess that I have been "anti-paper" for almost 20 years now (that's a scary thought) and as such, don't even possess a filing cabinet or paper filing system, because I don't have any paper (except passports etc). Even though I have my trusty Docuscan scanner in the motorhome, that doesn't help me when I'm out-and-about.  You can imagine my delight therefore when I discovered an app that allowed me to use my phone as a scanner.

So many times in the past I'd gone into a spasm when someone gave me a copy of their favorite recipe, or wanted to save a menu from a favorite restaurant or even my beer tasting notes from a favorite brewery. What to do with it? Where to file it?

With Genius Scan, you take a photo of your document. Genius Scan will then crop it, straighten it, adjust for parallax error, enhance it to make the text better and then convert it to a PDF document (this is the standard format for saving and sharing documents, and is available free from Adobe).

Best of all, like many of the apps we review, it's FREE.

Even simple hand-written recipes like this are easily converted.

Genius Scan +

Now, if you like it, I would recommend upgrading to the paid version (Genius Scan +). For $2.99 you get to be able to AirPrint (print to AirPrint-compatible printers), and save to the Cloud (Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Google Drive, SkyDrive). Since I'm a big Dropbox user, I can file my documents in my virtual filing cabinet and then access them from any of my devices. Plus of course, they're always backed up.