Saturday, April 27, 2013

App of the Week - GasBuddy

I recently drove from Lakeland, Florida to Goshen, Indiana. On that trip, I saw gas prices vary from $3.89 in Florida to as low as $3.11 in Costco, Charleston, SC. That's a 78c / gallon difference! Just with my little RV, that's $50. So the trick that we all face is to figure out where to fill up and where to just put in the minimum to hobble through.

Enter GasBuddy. GasBuddy uses customer input to compile a US wide database of gas and diesel prices. You simply press the home button and it will display all the nearby prices in a list or on a map. What is also very useful is the ability to enter a city (e.g. your destination) and see if the gas is cheaper or more expensive there. I used this quite effectively just recently to make sure that I arrived in South Carolina empty and made sure I filled up, since IN was a lot more expensive. It works better if you have a larger tank than my piddly 70 gallons, but hey, every penny counts!

There are other gas pricing apps, and like everything, you can read good and bad reviews, but it works great for me (and is rated 5 stars from more than 90,000 reviewers), and I find that generally, most pricing data is less than a day old. Check it out, it's free!