Monday, March 4, 2013

Weak WiFi Signal

"We want to purchase a wi-fi booster for our pc computers.  Our laptop is xp and our desktop is vista.  We are in a motorhome just out of range of the wi-fi at the clubhouse where we are staying.  If I stand up and hold the laptop in the front window, I can get online but it is very slow.  The desktop can pick up the signal but it is too weak to connect.  What do we need to do to connect to that or another weak wi-fi signal without having to hook up an external antenna, wires, cables, etc.?  Can you give us the part numbers, too?", Sharon (Bethesda, MD)

Hi Sharon, Yours is a typical problem, a weak WiFi signal. Your best bet would probably be with the Desktop WiFi booster. It comes with a suction cup to mount to the window, that way it is "closest" to the WiFi signal. You can then plug the booster into your laptop or desktop and get the boosted signal.

The down side is that it needs to connect via it's USB cable which is limited in length, and you can only connect to one computer at a time. This is where the USB Repeater comes in. It connects to the booster and sets up your own WiFi hotspot that both computers can wirelessly connect to.

We do have other more powerful solutions, but given what you described, this is probably the best, easiest and least expensive option. You can always start with the Desktop booster and add the USB Repeater later, that's always another option.