Monday, March 4, 2013

Comparing the TRC 41260 to the Progressive HW50C

"I have taken delivery of my new Entegra Aspire, and it is fitted with a TRC Surge Guard model 41260 transfer switch. Do you know if this a true transfer switch like the Progressive ems hardwired?  Both are 50 amp." - Phil W

The TRC 41260 is an automatic transfer switch with some built-in protection. Transfer switches switch your power between your generator and shore power. The Progressive EMS' units are RV electrical protection systems. They offer electrical protection for your RV rather than switching your power.

The 41260 (link to data sheet) offers 2,600 joules of surge protection, open neutral and reverse polarity protection. Whilst this is better than nothing, it does not offer any where near the electrical protection of the Progressive HW50C or the PT50C. In addition to the open neutral and reverse polarity protection offered by the TRC, the Progressive units offer:

  • 3,580 joules of surge protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • High voltage
  • High and Low Frequency Protection
  • Open ground protection
  • Digital readout of voltage, frequency and current for each leg

In reality, it's the open ground (a potentially fatal condition) and voltage protection that is the most important as this can cause the most damage to your rig. Our recommendation is that you install an electrical protection system like the Progressive HW50C or PT50C in addition to your 41260 transfer switch.