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Configuring the Radiolabs USB Repeater

How it Works
The CaptiFi WiFi booster uses it's powerful amplifier and antenna to talk to the campground (or other location's) WiFi signal. Because of it's power and the fact that it is outside and higher up, it is able to do a MUCH better job of connecting to the remote WiFi signal than your laptop. 
The CaptiFi is connected to the USB Repeater (the blue box). This device tells the CaptiFi what signal to connect to, and then re-transmits the boosted WiFi as your own local WiFi signal (or hotspot). This hotspot can be used up by multiple computers, smartphones, iPads, Kindles, Roku boxes etc. Because it is a wireless signal, you can connect to it from anywhere inside your rig, or indeed even if you are sitting relaxing outside!
Configuring your System [Note: the photos below are a little small - just click on them to expand them]
Each time you move to a new location you need to "tell" the CaptiFi what signal you want it to boost. You do this as follows:
1. Make…