Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swift Hitch as a Side-View Camera

"We have a 39 foot class A motor home with the typical camera mounted in the back of the motor home near the roof line (2004 39’ Fleetwood Providence.)  We have been concerned for a long time with the blind spot on the passenger side of our motor home.  We have been thinking of numerous means to be able to see better in the lane or roadway on the passenger side and tried using a wireless web camera.  The wireless web camera (D Link brand) worked very well except it knocked off our Verizon wireless mifi signal.  We spoke with Verizon and they indicated the wireless web camera indeed would interfere with their signal.  Since we live in our motor home and our Verizon MiFi is our only means to attain internet service we cannot use a wireless camera that interferes with our Verizon signal.  I notice your camera appears to use a 2.5Ghz frequency.  Have you had any experience with using it at the same time as a cell phone or MiFi device is being used.  Our plan is to perhaps mount this camera on our passenger side rear view mirror somehow with it directed straight back in order to see traffic in adjacent lane.  Do you have any thoughts on how such a mount and view visibility would work?" - Paul

Paul, we have had a number of customers use the Swift hitch as a blind spot camera and been very pleased with it. Since you would be using it while driving I would advice against using the magnetic base or suction cup to secure it in place. Instead, the Swift Hitch features two holes in its base which can be used to secure it in place with bolts. Although the unit is weather-proof, you may want to make the installation detachable and bring it inside when you are not using it - that way no "prying fingers" can get hold of it. Another idea is to mount the unit inside the coach using the suction cup with the camera tilted towards the window / outside. The camera has a 4-6 hour battery life so depending upon how long you drive for, you may need to think about running 12v to it (we sell additional 12v cables).

Regarding the frequency range, that's interesting about the WiFi webcam. I have used the Swift Hitch many times without any interference with my Verizon MiFi card.