Monday, August 15, 2011

Clickfree C6 vs C5

"I have watched your video on clickfree. We are very interested but, there are quite a few models on the market and the latest one "clickfree C6" which has lots of features we like, did not have very good reviews. Which model do you recommend. I mostly need it for all my pictures which, have never been backed up since 2007" - Carol

Although we haven't field tested the C6, it does have a couple of short comings which cause me to actually prefer the C5 for our customers. Firstly, I'm not a big fan of creating a complete disk image. If you inadvertently have a virus infection when you create the image, your whole backup will be infected which is not great news, especially if you've paid Best Buy $200 to re-build your system. Secondly, it doesn't support Mac's. We're finding more a more people are moving to Mac's, so having a backup system that supports both operating systems is a big plus, especially if you want to be able to move your files from a PC to a Mac.

We do have a special on the Clickfree C5 at the moment, if you're interested, just follow the link.