Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Accessing the Eyelog video

"Phil - I bought the Eyelog from you. Everything works good but 2 things: All the viedeos come out black. There is never anything to see. The pictures are fine. Second, i am not able to "gon" or "goff" by SMS" - Harald.

1) Videos
I'm assuming that you mean when you receive the videos on your phone. Have you tried looking at the videos on your email. My guess is that they will be working. I have the same problem. I believe that the issue is to do with the phone's inability to read the video format. I'm on an iPhone and can't see the videos, but I can on email. You could research to see if there is a player which accepts the Eyelog format.

2) Remote Access
Not sure what's going on here. When you try to "gon", the Eyelog will send you back a challenge email which you need to to copy and then send back again. It's a security feature to make sure that only the 'authorized' phone number (i.e. the one stored in the Eyelog) can turn it on or off. If you are doing that and it's still not working, let me know.