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My Sprint device doesn't offer the coverage I need

"I would like your input on a wireless broadband connection. Right now i have Readybroadband which I purchased at Walgreens. It is supposed to have Sprint coverage by what they tell me. I pay $25 per month and it seems to be enough to get what i must get done. But, looking at the coverage for sprint it is not very good in a lot of travel areas. So, would appreciate your input on something. I paid $40 for the device and as I said I pay $25 for the minimum for the month." - Brenda S
If you're going to travel, I would recommend moving away from the Sprint device that you have and going with Verizon. I know it's a pain as you've paid $40 for your Sprint card, but really, Verizon is much better. For $30 a month you'll get 3Gb of data which should be ample for most email and browsing (unless you want to watch YouTube videos or download movies). I have a 3G MiFi data card one and the coverage is excellent and much better than the AT&T card that we used to h…

Are Tasers Effective Against Bears?

"I am interested in a taser for protection from bears as we do a lot of walking in bear country. To this end we have two questions: Are your devices effective against bears? Are Tasers legal in Canada as much of our RV'ing in the summer is in Canada?" - Bonnie B.
That's quite a popular question and it has a funny answer, but it really depends upon the bear! Joking aside, they are not designed for use against bears. IF you have one and get attacked by a bear, then you can use it. The problem is that a bear's fur is very thick and so the probes my or may not make good contact with the bear's skin. You can still use the stun gun to his face, nose, mouth etc, but that is way too close for my liking. Finally, Tasers are not legal in Canada and cannot be exported outside the US.

A better option would be the Frontiersman Bear Attack Deterrent with Belt Holster (on sale at $51.99). That has a range of 35 feet and it's super-strong formulation is specifically des…

Do we need both a WiFi and a Cell Phone booster?

"As we study more, it seems that we need both a wifi booster for campgrounds to improve wifi and a separate cell phone booster. Can they be mounted side by side and brought in at the same place? If we get the captifi and bring it through the back window (we are slightly concerned about the opening letting in mosquitoes) , is there an extension for the cable so the computer can be in the front where we actually use it? Or could we put a wireless router in back that would broadcast to the front so we could use both computers and the iPad and the iPhone.
What a puzzle to figure this all out.  I mentioned to Orlan what you said about having plan A, B and C. It made us realize that there isn’t a simple solution." Sandy.
I agree, I think you need both (that's what we have). Let's look at them individually:

WiFi Booster
It comes with a 15' hard-wired USB cable which can be extended using a 15' USB extension cable that we sell. You can go longer, but it gets a little c…

Who Says it's "either or"?

So here's the photo to show the wife when she says that "it's either a Corvette OR a motorhome"!

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