Monday, May 16, 2011

How Ironic

Filming GadPlex from Beaufort City Java & News
Sometimes the irony of a situation has to make you laugh. It was like that on Friday when we were filming the latest episode of GadgetPlex. The subject was Long Distance Communications.

Unfortunately, the campground we're staying at (The Oaks at Point South, SC) had almost 100% tree cover, so our satellite was reduced to a heavy weight on the roof. AT&T service is one bar and our Verizon aircard is super slow. WiFi is via Tengo Internet which I avoid with a barge pole, so coffee shop it was.

Everything was going fine until 5 mins before we started to film and the coffee shop's ISP (their WiFi service provider) went down. No WiFi! Evidently this is a regular occurrence! Luckily there was a weaker WiFi signal that we could pick up, but it wasn't particularly fast. Added to that, AT&T service in Beaufort is less than 1 bar. We persevered, but it wasn't without a due sense of irony given the topic of our episode. Doesn't it strike you as odd that a company that just made more than $3B in a quarter, up 40%, can still offer such awful service in so many 'key areas'? But that's another story ...

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