Sunday, May 22, 2011

Almost no signal here in Point South, SC

We're staying at the Thousand Trails resort (The Oaks) at Point South, SC. Rarely have we had such poor cell phone coverage - my AT&T iPhone has around 1 bar, and the Verizon aircard is struggling. Add to that the fact that it's very wooded so out satellite won't work AMD you get the picture! Time to pull put the big guns - the Wilson DT. I'd been waiting for a good place to test this desktop office booster, this seemed like the ideal place. I'll be updating a fill report by video later, bit for now, things look very promising. I set up the local antenna in our back office / bedroom and the outside antenna next to the front bay wing on the roof. Signal strength went from 1 bar to 5 bars! Although we had been able to get Internet on the Verizon MiFi, it was slow, and Tracey wasn't able to establish a VPN (a secure internet connection) which she needs for work. With the booster, bingo!
Next up, comparing the DT to the more powerful SOHO amp and trying the omnidirectional trucker antenna.

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