Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is it Safe to Pay Bills when using a free WiFi?

"I'm not real knowledgeable regarding wi-fi.  While traveling in our RV with our laptop, I'm able to connect to free wi-fi sites but I am concerned about paying bills, etc if the sites are not secure.  I subscribe to ESET NOD32 antivirus and wonder if this makes my wi-fi connection more secure?  If you could help me I would appreciate it.  Thanks." - Sharyn A.

Even though you are connected to a free (and I take it "Open" WiFi), as long as you use your browser to connect to secure sites (the URL starts with an https://... and they have a little padlock on the bottom on the window), then everything that you send over the WiFi is encrypted and so is secure. You should avoid sending sensitive information in emails (in any circumstances) as they are not encrypted nor secure. 

The main vulnerability is with spyware and viruses like keystroke loggers that look for your passwords or credit card details to send over the internet to their masters. A good virus protection and firewall package like ESET will prevent that, as long as you keep it up to date and let it complete it's regular scans. 

Finally, Avoid paying bills using computers that you do not trust such as internet cafes as they could very well record your sessions. And remember, avoid clicking on this emails from people to look at their photos, visit a cool website etc. With that done, you should be fine, and much safer than paying a restaurant bill with your credit card!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GadgetPlex - Join us Live Tomorrow @ 7:30 PM ET

TechnoRV is now co-hosting a very cool new internet TV show called GadgetPlex. It's a short (15 minute) show that appears on the new RV News Network (RVNN.TV), along with other exciting shows such as Nick Russell's "Just a Gypsy", "Ask the Professor" and "What's Wrong with this Picture". 

Together with my co-hosts Dave Dufour and Andy McCaskey we discuss the latest RV gadgets, RV technology and just have some fun. If you click on the logo above you can visit GadgetPlex, watch previous episodes and even sign up for GadgetPlex on iTunes and download the episodes as podcasts to listen to while you are on the road!

One of the coolest thing about GadgetPlex however is the ability to join us LIVE while we are filming. Last week we had a product testing episode and a number of you joined us in the chat room to see 'behind-the-scenes' as well as ask questions and chat to each other. 

TechnoRV's LED Gadget's
Top 10 iPhone Apps for RV'ers

See "behind-the-scenes"
Ask the team questions
Chat to fellow RV'ers

Just go to (or click here) and log in to the chat room (you may have to set up a Ustream account, but it only takes a minute and it's free), and then you can chat with other product testers, ask me questions and join in the fun watching the team tape two episodes of Gadgetplex (this is fun if you've never seen a TV show being made).

I recommend arriving a little before hand to give yourself time to login to the Ustream. Once you're logged in you'll be able to view the show on your computer and chat to people using text in the chat room. Since you will be streaming video to your computer, I recommend a good WiFi connection or using an unlimited aircard.

Will recommend your product(s) to all of my RV'ing friends

"I can't thank you enough for all the great customer service that I received. I can't believe that you would give me a new locket and will recommend your product(s) to all of my rving friends. Again thank you and also for following up with me." - John Howard (4/18/11)