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Liquid Gold or Daylight Robbery?

Having worked for HP for almost 15 years, I would always purchase HP cartridges for my printer, rather than having them re-filled. “Why are you doing that? You can save so much” my friends would say. However, I still felt a certain loyalty to my old company. I knew that it costs a lot of R&D to develop ink, and I also knew that even though $8,000 a gallon
does seem a little excessive, it pays for the R&D and means that we can buy printers for $100 as opposed to $400. Plus I know that you could have problems with warranty and print quality. I feel so foolish now, but I actually felt a little bit proud when I saw the ‘Genuine Printer Cartridge” installed on my printer screen.

Imagine my surprise then when I got an email from HP announcing “Notice of Proposed Settlement of HP InkJet Litigation”. What could this be about? According to the email, the first claim was that:“certain HP inkjet printers used "low on ink" messaging technology to indicate that replacement of a car…

Great feedback from Ida (Spruce Grove, AB)

"This company sells superior products and on top of that they are actually concerned about the customer. When the company saw how much the shipping costs were they emailed me prior to shipping to see if I would prefer the cheaper snail!!!"