Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to Add Captions to Photos

"We have several pictures in folders on our computer. I would like to transfer them to a DVD; however, captions do not transfer with the pictures. We have put captions on all of our pictures to identify them. Any Suggestions????

PS I love the back up drive we purchased at the RV Rally and love your article about the kindle."
Microsoft Galley is good for quickly looking at your photos on your computer, but I wouldn't recommend it for organizing and tagging your photos. Not only is it limited in it's features (as you've found), but it's not portable across platforms (e.g. if you got a Mac).

To solve your problem, I'd recommend Picasa from Google. For a start, it's free. Second, it has a lot of great functionality that will make your life a lot easier and save you a lot of time (including the ability to export photos with captions onto a DVD). To get it, Google Picasa and download it.

If you'd like more information on how to use Picasa, I'd highly recommend the Geeks on Tour Picasa guide and video tutorial. In it, Chris Guld explains all the basic functions of Picasa, AND shows you how to use it with a video how-to guide. Here's a link to it on my website.

I hope that helps!