Monday, November 22, 2010

Huge Gift Wrap Order

Just packed a huge FREE gift wrapping order this afternoon for the holidays (or should I say, Tracey actually did - if you saw my gift wrapping you'd pay me NOT to do it!).

Have you got yours yet?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why I don't recommend the Eye-Fi Memory Card

For those of you who don't know, the Eye-Fi combines an SD memory card with a WiFi radio. The idea is that it will automatically transfer photos from your camera to your computer using your WiFi network. Sounds good right, especially for us RV'ers who are always taking photos? Also, it claims to offer geo-tagging support which will add the location of where the photo was taken to the photo itself so that you can search by location in programs such as Picasa or iPhotos.

So why aren't we selling them? Well, the concept is good, but after spending a couple of weeks testing one, I found it had a number of drawbacks, especially for RV'ers:-

  • It requires a local WiFi network, so you need a router in your rig.
  • It's quite hard to set up, especially if you're not familiar with WiFi
  • You need to lchange your camera's auto-power-off feature since the camera needs to be turned on all the time it is copying photos. That can take quite some time (see below) which means that my camera battery was always almost flat.
  • The geo-tag feature while sounding nice, isn't what it appears. I thought it used GPS which would have meant that it would work anywhere. In fact, it uses a map of known WiFi hotspots to try to deduce where it is. No Wifi hotspot, no geo-tag.
  • The most significant drawback is the fact that in order to automatically copy your photos to your computer, it must first copy them to the EyeFi server! This means that if you have a slow internet connection it can take a long time, or if you have a datacard, your paying for the megabytes to be transferred both up and down.
In the end I decided it was much easier just to open my camera and put the card into the computer. Not as high-tech, but faster, more reliable and a lot cheaper!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Gabbing with the Geeks

At the recent Escapade show in Goshen, Tracey, Ally, Josh and myself were interviewed by our friends Chris and Jim Guld of the Geeks on Tour for their excellent video series called 'Gabbing with the Geeks'. They focus on computer education for travelers and offer exceptional booklets and tutorials on a wide range of topics, including Picasa, Computer Essentials, Blogging, Google Earth to name but a few.

Have a look at the video and see a tour of some of the hottest products from our booth!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to Add Captions to Photos

"We have several pictures in folders on our computer. I would like to transfer them to a DVD; however, captions do not transfer with the pictures. We have put captions on all of our pictures to identify them. Any Suggestions????

PS I love the back up drive we purchased at the RV Rally and love your article about the kindle."
Microsoft Galley is good for quickly looking at your photos on your computer, but I wouldn't recommend it for organizing and tagging your photos. Not only is it limited in it's features (as you've found), but it's not portable across platforms (e.g. if you got a Mac).

To solve your problem, I'd recommend Picasa from Google. For a start, it's free. Second, it has a lot of great functionality that will make your life a lot easier and save you a lot of time (including the ability to export photos with captions onto a DVD). To get it, Google Picasa and download it.

If you'd like more information on how to use Picasa, I'd highly recommend the Geeks on Tour Picasa guide and video tutorial. In it, Chris Guld explains all the basic functions of Picasa, AND shows you how to use it with a video how-to guide. Here's a link to it on my website.

I hope that helps!