Monday, October 11, 2010

Where is Picasa putting my photos?

Here's a question that I got from Roger which is a common question from Picasa users:
"Help - I do not know what has happened to my pictures. I used to stick in my SD card from my camera, to the computer and dowload them to My Pictures and now it seems to that every time I put the card into the computer and it puts them into the Pisca file intstead of my pictures and I have to transfer them to my pictures. Any idea what has happened?"
Roger, the first thing to remember is that you cannot 'put your pictures into Picasa'. Think of Picasa as a tool to allow you to see and manage the photos on your computer. If you have Picasa installed, when you load an SD card or your camera, Windows detects that event and then depending on it is configured, will load the right program to transfer the files. To find out how Windows 7 is configured, open the 'Control Panel', go into 'Hardware and Sound' and then select Autoplay (the second item down). Here you will see all the actions the computer will take when something is connected or a CD or DVD is inserted into the drive. If you haven't connected your camera or card before, nothing will be listed here. It is here that you can tell the computer to launch Picasa when it detects a camera or a card.

Next we need to check how Picasa is configured. To find out how Picasa is configured, load it and then go into "Tools" and then "Options". Look for the 'General' tab on the top of the window. At the bottom you will see a section called 'Save imported pictures in:'. This is the default folder where Picasa will save the photos to (for example, 'My Pictures'). When loading, it will give you the option of creating a new folder in 'My Pictures' to help keep your photos organized (for example 'My Pictures / Grand Canyon').

Hope that helps!