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How to Reset Locket to Factory Settings

Sometimes during the installation process, something can go wrong and you are unable to login to your new Locket. The most likely cause is that you inadvertently used a different password during the installation process to the one you are trying to login in with.

If for what ever reason, you need to reset Locket to its factory settings, here's what you need to do (remember that THIS WILL DELETE ALL THE DATA ON YOUR LOCKET. ONLY USE THIS OPTION IF IT IS A NEW LOCKET OR ADVISED TO DO SO BY EITHER LOCKET OR TECHNORV SUPPORT.

First, download the Locket program files from the TechnoRV website
Save the file to your desktop or documents folder (this is a large - 200 MB - file so be patient and ensure that you have a good internet connection, preferably not on an air-card)
Insert your Locket drive into the computerOpen My Computer, and open the drive with the Locket icon
Navigate to the downloaded file ( and double click it to open the compressed folderSelect all the files (Ct…