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Why won't my Road Mouse Work?

Don't worry, it's probably something simple. First of all, let's check the batteries.

Hold the mouse upside down with the front of the car facing upwards. The batteries should be inserted with the left battery positive (the end with the bump) facing down, and the right battery's positive facing up. As soon as you put them in, the red optical sensor light should illuminate. If your mouse is misbehaving, you should also try new batteries as when they are getting low the light still works but it becomes 'jumpy' and hard to use.

If that doesn't fix the problem, let's make sure that you've synchronized the mouse to the transceiver. Put the transceiver (the short black stick) into a free USB port on your computer.When you do so the green light on the end should illuminate. Next, press the button on the transceiver and the green light should blink slowly. Then, press the button on underside of the mouse, normaly located above and to the right of the red ligh…