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Ecco Key Chain GPS Product Review - Results

First of all, thanks for an outstanding response to the Ecco Product Review Survey. A total of 43 people responded to the survey which is our largest number yet.

We were also extremely pleased that so many of you seemed to love Ecco and gave us so many positive comments.
81% thought Ecco would be useful or very useful69% would consider giving one as a giftComments

"I think this would be superb for any full-time RVer, who has to navigate in terra incognita all the time! They are constantly traveling to unknown places and having to find their way around. This could be a real asset!"

"I always lose my car in parking lots. There isn't anything distinguishing about it and I usually leave a store by a different door and spend hours trying to figure out which one was correct."

"This is not like any GPS I've seen. I love the size and the many features. I see my wife using it in the mall parking lot (or after a ball game for me). Having the compass heading and dista…

Using the correct Netac plug

The Netac external USB disk drive comes with a rather unusual cable to connect it to your computer. The end with the smaller plug fairly obviously connects to the Netac drive as it is the only one that will fit. But the other end of the wire has two USB plugs on it, only one of which will work by itself. The reason for this is that it allows for the drive to be used with older model PC's whose USB ports (v1.0) do not supply enough current to run the Netac drive. If you have one of those machines then plug both of the USB plugs into your machine. If you have a newer machine (less than three years old) with a newer USB port (v2), then you should only plug in the plug with the two wires coming out of it as shown in the photo. If the light on the disk is illuminated but the drive doesn't appear in the 'My Computer' icon, then you're probably using the wrong plug.