Monday, September 21, 2009

Ecco Key Chain GPS Product Review - Results

First of all, thanks for an outstanding response to the Ecco Product Review Survey. A total of 43 people responded to the survey which is our largest number yet.

We were also extremely pleased that so many of you seemed to love Ecco and gave us so many positive comments.
  • 81% thought Ecco would be useful or very useful
  • 69% would consider giving one as a gift

"I think this would be superb for any full-time RVer, who has to navigate in terra incognita all the time! They are constantly traveling to unknown places and having to find their way around. This could be a real asset!"

"I always lose my car in parking lots. There isn't anything distinguishing about it and I usually leave a store by a different door and spend hours trying to figure out which one was correct."

"This is not like any GPS I've seen. I love the size and the many features. I see my wife using it in the mall parking lot (or after a ball game for me). Having the compass heading and distance to the location on the display is great. I would love to hold one and see it work personally."

"We were in a new area and I went for a walk and got turned around and was lost for about an hour scaring my husband half to death. I could have used this product then!"

"We went to a NASCAR Nationwide race in Newton Iowa. Parking was in a large open field with no reference points. Numerous people, including us spent over an hour looking for our cars. It could sell great at large out door events such as concerts, races, fairs as well as for hiking and boating."

"I like the size and being able to put it on a keychain. We do quite a bit of hiking and it would be ideal in case we got off the trail. Also like that it has a large tracking distance and multiple satellites to help track. Looks easy to use."

"I think it would be great for a gift to elderly family members who some time forget the most everyday things like where did I park my car. Just recently a friends mother parked in Cracker Barrel parking lot but went across the streat to Hardee's. After she ate she couldn't find her car and called the police to report it stolen. Not! It was still at Cracker Barrel!"

A number of questions were also raised in the survey that I'd like to address:


Password protection on it would be nice if your keys were on it when lost/stolen. Without password protect, you could be in BIG trouble.
This was a valid concern and I will make sure we pass it back to the manufacturer. However, I think that this may be more of an issue for GPS devices that have a 'HOME' icon. Since Ecco has three buttons labeled 1, 2 and 3, there is no telling which location is for your car, especially if you don't always use just number 1.
What is the battery situation?
Ecco has a lithium ion battery which is rechargeable from any computer USB port and is good for 5 hours of active tracking or 8 days on standby (sleep) mode.
What is the length of time to acquire satellites?
This is a hard question to answer as it depends a lot on circumstances such as the degree of line of sight to the satellites as well as the satellite positions and your previous postion. However, Ecco utilizes one of the most sensitive GPS receivers available and in my experience, locks on very quickly indeed. During the day when you are using Ecco, it goes into a battery saving sleep mode, but does maintain a satellite lock meaning that it is very quick to 'wake up', providing you move more than 30 feet in 5 minutes. During first power-on though, it can take up to 2 minutes to obtain a lock (worst case).
I am concerned about protecting the screen from becoming scratched by keys.
Excellent point. This was common feedback and the manufacturer now has a protective leather-like case to keep your Ecco looking nice and shiny! Visit the TechnoRV website to order.
Can positions be input via the USB port?
No, not at this time, although that would be a nice feature.

We also got some great feedback on the price. Almost half of you felt that Ecco was too expensive compared to other larger GPS devices. As we mentioned in our goals for the Product Review, this type of feedback is invaluable for us in helping us sell the right products at the right prices. Although our buy price is set by the manufacturer, based on this feedback, we'd like to announce that we will be cutting the price of Ecco by more than $10 to $89.00. As a special thank you to our product testing team, we will also be including the free leather-like cases for a limited time, exclusively to our product testers. Just add the Ecco and the case to your shopping cart and use the coupon code FEC01 at checkout.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Using the correct Netac plug

The Netac external USB disk drive comes with a rather unusual cable to connect it to your computer. The end with the smaller plug fairly obviously connects to the Netac drive as it is the only one that will fit. But the other end of the wire has two USB plugs on it, only one of which will work by itself. The reason for this is that it allows for the drive to be used with older model PC's whose USB ports (v1.0) do not supply enough current to run the Netac drive. If you have one of those machines then plug both of the USB plugs into your machine. If you have a newer machine (less than three years old) with a newer USB port (v2), then you should only plug in the plug with the two wires coming out of it as shown in the photo. If the light on the disk is illuminated but the drive doesn't appear in the 'My Computer' icon, then you're probably using the wrong plug.