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What's All This I Hear About Apple Mac's?

Having spend almost 15 years at Hewlett-Packard, you'd think that I'd be an avid PC user. Well, I certainly have used a PC for a long time, but avid I am not. In fact, they drive me absolutely nuts. Having said that, it's not the PC makers fault, it's Windows, and specifically Microsoft that I have the issue with. So much so that the first thing that I did when I left HP was to buy a Mac. I love my Mac! During the creation and delivery of my other seminars, I often referenced a Mac, to the point that people started asking, 'well, what's the difference?". This is how I came to write this seminar. It's focus is on the main differences, some of the advantages and disadvantages and features a live demonstration of downloading photos from a camera, editing them and then uploading them to FaceBook etc, as well as editing and creating a movie and DVD.

Summary and Additional Information
Everyone's talking about Apple Mac's these days, but what's all…

Computer Safety and Security for the RV

Whether you're a full time RV'er or just like to get away from time to time, having a computer is essential nowadays for email and internet access. However, an RV is a challenging environment for a laptop in terms of safety and security. This seminar was developed to help keep and your data safe while on the road and is based on my twenty years industry computer experience and three years full-time RV'ing experiences.

Topics covered include:
Why worry?Protecting your computerMobile connectivity (WiFi security)Virus Protection and FirewallsProtecting your dataComputer BackupEncryptionProtecting You (healthy computing)Avoiding ScamsData RecoveryEmergency PreparednessYou can find out more information about this seminar as follows:
Copy of the Presentation (.pdf)
Attendee Survey Results

Managing Your Mail Over the Web

Receiving your mail while on the road is one of the most challenging aspects of the RV lifestyle, and one that we've struggled with in the three years that we've been on the road. Once we left our house in California, we re-directed our mail to a friends house, but quickly found that that wasn't going to work for us. After that we tried the Escapees Mail Forwarding service which was better, but it was still too limiting. The process of manually having to call up someone and go through a description of our mail was just too hard, especially with the challenge of different time zones. Add to that the fact that we were not able to specify exactly what mail to junk, or to have UPS or FedEx deliveries. We needed a better solution.

About 18 months ago we found out about Earth Class Mail, and I tell you, I love it. LOVE IT, LOVE IT! To start with, you get to choose your physical address from their list of addresses. This means that you have the flexibility of deciding which state …

Repairing the Locket Database

Occasionally Locket will come up with spurious errors for no apparent reason. This can be caused by a corrupt database (Locket uses the Microsoft Access database) which itself can be caused by the unsafe removal of Locket (see 'How to Correctly Exit Locket').

To repair the database, follow the simple steps.

Run up Locket at before logging in, locate the Microsoft Office icon in the top right corner of the screen.Click on the icon and select 'Compact and Repair Database'.Once the computer has finished, login to Locket as normal and see if that resolves the issues. If not, contact me for assistance.

Field test of the Ecco Keychain GPS in Chicago

A little while ago I did a field test of our Ecco keychain GPS (available for $99.99 from TechnoRV) in Chicago. We were in town for a wonderful food tour of the Bucktown district, provided by Chicago Food Planet (a 'must do' if you get chance). Parking was tight, so we had to park the car in a parking meter giving us an ideal chance to see just how good Ecco is at navigating you back to your vehicle. Enjoy ...