Friday, July 3, 2009

How to correctly exit Locket

Making sure to correctly exit Locket is a very important part of keeping your information safe. If you pull out the Locket drive with the Locket still running, or even if you fail to safely eject the drive, you can risk corrupting your data and possibly losing your data altogether (necessitating a restore from backup).

Video Tutorial - Exiting Locket

Step-by-step Guide - Exiting Locket

As for backing up Locket, look for the orange Locket icon in the computer's system tray (bottom right of the screen).

Select 'Exit' from the Locket panel.

Hover the mouse over the icon of a disk drive with a little green arrow (called the 'Safely Eject Hardware' icon). A pop-up should appear listing the drives that can be ejected. Move the curson over the drive corresponding to the Locket drive (if you are unsure you can open the 'My Computer' screen to see which is the Locket drive letter).