Friday, July 3, 2009

Backing Up Your Locket

After having spent valuable entering your data into the Locket, you must make sure that you back it up. Although flash drives are a very reliable means of storage, they can be corrupted if you inadvertently remove them from the computer before it is safe to do so (see another blog entry), or by simply losing them. To avoid this, here's how to back up your Locket:

Video Tutorial - Locket Backup

Step-by-step Guide - Locket Backup

Locate the orange Locket icon in the system tray of your computer (you may need to use the left facing arrow to expand the icons to see the Locket icon).

Click the orange Locket icon to show the Locket panel

If your machine if configured correctly, this should bring up the Microsoft backup wizard (if not, you may need to just manually copy over the files from your Locket drive - email me if you are unsure).

Click on the 'Backup Wizard' and then 'Next', specifying that you want to 'Back Up Selected Files'.

Select the files to backup by clicking on the box next to the Locket drive (on my machine, it's called F:Locket). This will select on the files on Locket for backup.

Then click 'Next' and then choose where to save your backup files - I create a folder called 'Backup' in 'My documents', and give the backup a name.

Once you click 'Finish' the backup will start, showing you the status screen indicating the files being backed up. Once this has finished, you have completed your backup.