Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rain, rain and more rain

It's been almost two years since we were this far East and by way of welcome, it hasn't stopped raining for four days now. We arrived in Branson, Missouri on our way to the Escapees Rally in Sedalia. We'd been here before on our trip and loved Branson landing with its wonderful fire and lights show. This time we stayed at the Lakeside City Park which is only ten minutes walk from Branson Landing as is great value $25 a night. It's a bit gravely and wet in this weather, but very pretty by the lake and super convenient for Branson Landing.

After a couple of days we decided that we needed a bit of luxury and to get away from all the dampness so we drove over to the Outdoor Resorts (Ozarks RV Resort). They have a hot tub and pool, and despite being 28 miles out of town in the middle of nowhere, is supposed to be very nice. Wrong. First off, it's $55 a night, more the twice Lakeside. It's a nice location by the side of a lake and it is all nicely landscaped with paved roads and concrete pads. However, despite the price, both of the pools and both of the hot tubs were stone cold! I'd asked when we checked in if they were open and they said yes. Jokingly, I even asked if the hot tub was hot (having experienced numerous issues in this department before in the past). Yes, the one by the main pool was hot.

After hooking up, I went in search of said hot tub only to find it freezing cold. I went back to reception and they said they'd turn the heat on. Less than ten minutes later I received a phone call on my cell phone. It was the lady of reception. She'd checked with the owners and wasn't able to turn the heat on until Monday. When asked what was special about Monday, she couldn't answer (I think she too was very embarrassed). What kind of campsite, especially a 'high end one' charging $55 a night in the middle of nowhere, is so cheap that they won't turn the heat on for the hot tub. What about all the people who have spent $100,000 for pads here? Don't they deserve some heat? I was so mad. I told her we'd be cutting our visit short and checking out in the morning. At least that's $120 that they won't be getting, and I hope it's a lot more.

You would think that the story ends there, but no, there's more! I went up in the morning to get my refund, and she said that she'd turned on the hot tub. Great, we were getting somewhere. I got a refund for Monday as Sunday was supposed to be our day off, at least now we could relax in the $55 a night hot tub. Wrong again! I went (again) to check the temperature and it was luke warm. Maybe it was warming up. I went back again at noon, nope, still luke warm. Back to the reception and she said she'd turn it up. This was becoming a major farce. Two hours later with Tracey and the kids in the car, up to the hot tub, nope, still luke warm. Back to reception, she'll send someone out. You'd think that this was an old a decrepit campsite, not a new ultra high end one. The hot tub and the pool all looked only a couple of years old. I hate to say it, but we gave up and had a sauna (at least that worked), even if I did have to sneak into the ladies to have it together!