Sunday, May 17, 2009

Locket Survey Q&A

In this blog entry I'll do my best to answer the questions that were raised in the recent Locket Product Review Survey.

1. "I like the product looks, but i am wondering about the cost.. is it so different than anyone you'd buy in a store like in staples, for example?"
The difference between this product and a generic flash drive that you could buy in Staples is the fact that this drive has the Locket software preloaded onto it. This software guides you through entering information that you might need in an emergency, as well as presenting this information to you in an easy to use format (for example, being able to print out a report of all the contents of your RV including pictures for an insurance claim). You could store information on a cheaper generic drive but it would be in the form of individual files or a spreadsheet, all of which are harder to use and not as secure.

2. "More info on what is pre-programed into it would help."
You can visit the Locket page on our website that provides an overview and short video of Locket. From the Locket Support Page you can also download the Product Overview Brochure and the FAQ Guide.

3. "The idea is a good one. However; any 8 Gig flash drive would do the same thing. The idea to have pages to fill in blanks, delete pages, accept Scanned documents (like power of attorney for accidents and hospital stays, living wills, etc.) A pamphlet would be very important to remind people of information they must find and put in."
See earlier notes on the differences between this and any other 'generic' flash drive. Scanned documents can be saved as .JPG files and stored securely in the Locket database. A pamphlet can be accessed here.

4. "Easy to keep on key chain and I have my important info with me at all times. Would like to get one for my son with my info when something happens to me and he will be able to take of things. Very easy to use."
Locket is an ideal way of getting your affairs in order and then creating a copy for a relative or executor or your will. All you need to do is to fill in all your information in Locket, back it up to your computer. Purchase a second Locket from our website (we offer 30% discount for additional Lockets), and then restore the data to this new Locket drive. Send the new drive to your friend or relative remembering not to send the password in the same package!

5. "This sounds perfect for an RV'er (or anyone). I like the fact that everything is in one place, and a small place at that! One concern is - will it get damaged carrying it on your keyring? Will it slide around and damage the USB port end?"
The USB port of the flash drive is covered by a swivel style metal cap that keeps dirt out of the connections. The drive itself is all solid-state with no moving parts and is very resilient with a life-time warranty. If the drive fails for what ever reason, simply contact us and we'll replace it free of charge.

6. "I like that there is software to guide users to enter appropriate info. The program and data should be transferable to PC or Mac. Perhaps a link to a secure website."
We are working on a Mac version although there is no date yet for its release. The website is a good idea although I would be a little concerned about having that highly sensitive data on even a secure website. An ability to tag less sensitive data for upload to a secure website would be useful though I think. Thanks!

7. "I am not sure how it works. It seems like it will go out into your computer and retrieve data that you have presetup."
Once you install the software from the Locket drive, it guides you through entering the information (it doesn't pull the information automatically).

8. "Looks like it would be useful to take from one comp to another to share photos or info - would be good for doing a presentation instead of taking your laptop. Don't know the holding capacity of the device, would be nice to know."
Locket is really designed as a way to organize and store you emergency information. It's capacity is 2Gb which means that you can also store documents on the drive outside of the Locket database. However, if this is what you are looking for, I would recommend a larger flash drive such as our 8Gb Mini Backup Drive.

9. "What happens if this falls into the wrong hands?"
Good question, and this is why you wouldn't want to use a regular generic flash drive to store this kind of information. All the data that you enter into Locket is stored in a database which is encrypted (scrambled) to military spec using a 256-bit encryption key. It would take a supercomputer over a billion years to try to unscramble the data!

10. "Your ad states that information is stored on your own home computer. Does the flash drive only link to it or does it store a copy of the same information? How much memory does the Locket have for additional storage (excluding the memory taken up by the software)?"
Only the program is stored on your computer (that is required to run the software), the data ALWAYS resides securely on the Locket flash drive. The Locket drive is 2Gb. Unless you are wanting to store lots of scanned documents or photos in the database, there is ample room on the drive for these (most Locket databases will rarely exceed 0.5Gb).