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Locket Survey Q&A

In this blog entry I'll do my best to answer the questions that were raised in the recent Locket Product Review Survey.

1. "I like the product looks, but i am wondering about the cost.. is it so different than anyone you'd buy in a store like in staples, for example?"
The difference between this product and a generic flash drive that you could buy in Staples is the fact that this drive has the Locket software preloaded onto it. This software guides you through entering information that you might need in an emergency, as well as presenting this information to you in an easy to use format (for example, being able to print out a report of all the contents of your RV including pictures for an insurance claim). You could store information on a cheaper generic drive but it would be in the form of individual files or a spreadsheet, all of which are harder to use and not as secure.

2. "More info on what is pre-programed into it would help."
You can visit the Locket pag…

Rain, rain and more rain

It's been almost two years since we were this far East and by way of welcome, it hasn't stopped raining for four days now. We arrived in Branson, Missouri on our way to the Escapees Rally in Sedalia. We'd been here before on our trip and loved Branson landing with its wonderful fire and lights show. This time we stayed at the Lakeside City Park which is only ten minutes walk from Branson Landing as is great value $25 a night. It's a bit gravely and wet in this weather, but very pretty by the lake and super convenient for Branson Landing.

After a couple of days we decided that we needed a bit of luxury and to get away from all the dampness so we drove over to the Outdoor Resorts (Ozarks RV Resort). They have a hot tub and pool, and despite being 28 miles out of town in the middle of nowhere, is supposed to be very nice. Wrong. First off, it's $55 a night, more the twice Lakeside. It's a nice location by the side of a lake and it is all nicely landscaped with pave…

What is the best way to organize my photos?

Do you find that you're photos are scattered about your hard disk? Having trouble finding your favorite photos? Even if you use a software program to organize them, what happens if the maker of that program goes out of business?

For me, photos are the stuff of memories. Anyone who leads a mobile lifestyle like most of us wants to document those travels with photos. But keeping those photos securely, in an organized fashion, so that they are still accessible and useable in ten, fifteen or even twenty years is a challenge.

I first started photography with my own darkroom under the stairs when I was ten years old, and with digital photography back in 1998. In fact, the photo on the right of our old house in England was taken in 1998 with one of the world's first commercial digital cameras, the HP Photosmart, launched in 1997. It saved its pictures in TIFF format which was not ideal as they were large and didn't have any compression. Over the years I've developed a system of…